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10 Hilarious Star Wars Battlefront Fails and Glitches Courtesy of the Beta


10 Hilarious Star Wars Battlefront Fails and Glitches Courtesy of the Beta

Ha! Fail!

Star Wars Battlefront has used its Beta to provide us with some epic moments that will never be forgotten. But as with all things in life, not everything can be epic. Sometimes the game, the players, and the world just fails in glorious fashion, and it’s up to us as a people to share those moments with all the fans.

These moments need to be cherished just as much as the moments in which you triumph over the enemy. To that end, we’ve provided some golden moments that are not to be laughed at, but to be remembered in our hearts (okay, you can laugh a little):

We win! Yay!

Winning is exciting. You wanna cheer and jump for joy and maybe let off a few blaster shots in the air to share the sentiment with the world. Sometimes the game wants to do the same and is willing to break itself to do so. Everybody wave to the walker.

Jetpacks really should come with instruction manuals.

Four seconds into the above gif, you will see a Storm Trooper who instantly realizes the mistake he has made as soon as he attempts to take flight. It is a short-lived moment, but one that will never stop being utterly hilarious.

This pilot gets an A for effort.

Ah, the loop-de-loop. It’s a wonderful way to avoid enemy fire, but the trick is to loop out of the area and not stay in the same cycle long enough for a soldier on foot to blast you out of the sky.

Just in case you didn’t know who’s fault it was.

Shooting in Star Wars Battlefront is fun. What isn’t fun is shooting a random bomb lodged into the snow and dying. Adding insult to injury is the game making it very clear that it was, in fact, your fault.

Meleeing is hard.

No, seriously, it is really difficult to do. You swing at people and they don’t even try to spare your feelings by at least flinching. They just sit there unscathed and then you have to shoot them, and that never ends well.

Sometimes, the world just needs to implode, you know?

Star Wars Battlefront is a beautiful game, but even the most beautiful games have their cracks. Take a look at the singularity above. Found beneath a map is this point in which there is no end, nor is there a beginning. There is only now… and a poor stuck Storm Trooper who has no idea how to get back home.

Failed as a soldier, but wins at life.

You’re a hardened soldier who has seen combat all over the galaxy. There is nothing that can strike fear in your heart, unless of course a black clad Jedi who really doesn’t like Storm Troopers shows up. In that case, you may as well turn around and hightail it out of there. Screw the training.

Seriously Luke, what are you even on right now?

Sometimes a father and son need to hash issues out with a lightsaber duel in a galaxy far, far away, who are we to judge? But performance enhancing drugs that send you rapidly blinking across the screen is not cool Luke, and that’s why you lost. Because cheaters never win.


battlefront poor luke

Luke Skywalker you’re a Jedi. You can do absolutely anything you put your mind to… except survive a walker stepping on you. Please do be careful.

The force was not strong in this one.


Becoming Darth Vader is awesome. Dying as soon as you finally do manage to become him is not.

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