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10 Epic Moments From the Star Wars Battlefront Beta


10 Epic Moments From the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Memories in a galaxy far, far away.

The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is the gift that just keeps on giving. Huge explosions, fierce battles, collectibles, and hilarious deaths made for an interesting couple of days. When players are not busy fighting one another with blasters and lightsabers, there are some wonderfully beautiful sights to behold.

Please tell me they’re just dancing.

After a vicious battle between Lord Vader and his less awesome son, the loyal storm troopers celebrate with a nice family friendly dance around poor Luke Skywalker’s corpse.

They finally put down the Lightsabers.

Even after decades of disdain for one another, there is nothing that can stop love from prevailing. As they take their last breaths, they bow their heads in reconciliation. Of course, they probably respawned hating each other again, but for that one single moment, father and son were one.

Seriously, can someone give these guys shooting classes?

Even with all of Disney’s money, the empire still cannot afford proper firearm training for its Storm Troopers. At point blank range they manage to fail at the simplest of tasks.

Darth Vader isn’t as scary if you whiz past at hundreds of miles an hour.

You may be the most badass Sith Lord this side of the galaxy, but even you can’t stand to an Airspeeder hitting you directly in the face.

Cheating death accidentally like a boss.

Combat in Star Wars Battlefront can be pretty hectic, so there’s no better feeling than inadvertently dodging a falling walker right before it crushes your pretty little skull.

That moment you take out a TIE Fighter with just a rifle.

Being in a fighter jet is all sorts of awesome, but it’s also incredibly embarrassing to be shot down in one by nothing more than a Storm Trooper with a rifle.

Leave the jet-packing to the pros.


Air-space is for aircraft. Storm Troopers really need to learn to keep their boots to the snow.

Paying respects to a fallen fighter.

Taking down a fighter jet while on foot takes skill, but paying respects after it almost lands on you? That takes character.

Darth Vader can’t seem to catch a break.

First, it was the speeder bonking him on the head. Now it’s an X-Wing deciding to squat on the Sith lord for a hot second.

360 No Scope Yolo Swag

Give someone a first person shooter and the ability to jump and turn and you got yourself an endless compilation of some poor sap getting pawned by a player who refuses to be dizzy.

This is the stuff gaming is made of. Memories that etch themselves into the forefront of your mind as you move game to game. There’s just nothing like watching magic happen in a galaxy far, far away.

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