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YouPorn Released a Ton of Facts About Gamers’ Viewing Habits


YouPorn Released a Ton of Facts About Gamers’ Viewing Habits

YouPorn has all the answers… to porn related browsing.

So YouPorn decided to dish out as many details as humanly possible about gamers’ viewing habits. Don’t worry though, they’re completely entertaining and in no way incriminating towards anyone. Much like PornHub frequently does, YouPorn decided it would be best to share some rather interesting stats and analysis with regards to its user base accessing the site via games consoles. Let’s have a run through the graphs now, shall we?

Unsurprisingly here, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are responsible for a majority of the site traffic coming from consoles. PlayStation gamers seem to be the ones who enjoy spending more quality time with their consoles than anyone else, too… Moving swiftly on.

I guess this one is kind of unsurprising, really. The age group traffic decreases as we progress through the years. How do they get some of this information, though…

And we’re back to the previously aforementioned point that PlayStation gamers like to spend the most quality time with their consoles. In a surprising change of the tides, though, Wii users like to really have a look through what’s available. Maybe it’s that Wii Remote making navigation so much easier.

To check out some of the more detailed and in-depth graphs, check out the YouPorn blog post. The more you know and all that.

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