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Yakuza 1 Remake and Yakuza 6 Announced


Yakuza 1 Remake and Yakuza 6 Announced

Remake of the PS2 masterpiece on the way, as well as a 6th numbered entry.

During Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference, Sega announced that they will be remaking the original Yakuza for PS3 and PS4, titled Yakuza Kiwami. It’ll be a full remake with entirely new cutscenes and a whole host of new content. At this point, localization as far as the Yakuza series goes has been spotty at best, so this might be the best opportunity Sega has to really give this series a bit more of a foothold in the West, as this won’t be tied to any sequel baggage whatsoever. It’ll be released on PS3 and PS4 in January 2016.

Yakuza was crtically acclaimed when it first released, but sold rather poorly outside of Japan, so here’s hoping this could turn things around for the franchise. Additionally, a sixth game in the series was announced, but no information was given outside of it being a PS4 exclusive and releasing in Fall 2016.

TGS really seems to be off to a wonderful start, and it’s great to see that the PS4 is getting a lot more love from Japan.

You can catch the Yakuza Kiwami trailer below:

Think we’ll be seeing either of these in the West? Let us know how you feel in the comments!

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