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XCOM 2 Creative Director Clarifies on the Steam Pre-Order Bonus Confusion


XCOM 2 Creative Director Clarifies on the Steam Pre-Order Bonus Confusion

Twitter to the rescue.

XCOM 2 may have been delayed to 2016, but more information from Firaxis’s sequel to the smash hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown won’t stop in 2015. Yesterday saw the announcement of XCOM: Enemy Unknown free to Steam users this weekend and XCOM 2 ready for pre-ordering. Customary to larger games, a pre-order bonus  also comes to those willing to plunk down the initial price of $59.99. This bonus started off standard, yet it ended vague.

The Resistance Warrior pack stacks several outfits, headgear, and war paint at your disposal in XCOM 2. In addition, the description reads the pack allows you to “Unlock a survivor of the old war as a recruit in your barracks.” The statement only further complicates when the official press release confirms a no-name soldier will arrive in your barracks at the start. The press release reads “…as well as a Survivor of the Old War, who will instantly show up as a new recruit in the Avenger’s barracks.”

IGN Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton on Twitter spoke out about the pack’s use in the story. Initially, Stapleton was displeased as a pre-order may muddy up the campaign experience to what looks like a move to reward players for early purchase.

Jake Soloman, lead designer on XCOM: Enemy Unknown at Firaxis Games and creative lead on XCOM 2, saw Stapleton’s concerned tweets and addressed the issue. The Resistance pack is purely cosmetic and updates older assets to the newer game.

Zhang is in reference to the story character Shaojie Zhang. He joined your squad after his rescue in the Slingshot DLC for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Positive or negative in your opinion, we now know the solely visual nature of the pre-purchase reward for XCOM 2. Although, this all won’t save us from a silly joke.

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