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Xbox One’s Fall Update Includes Backwards Compatibility


Xbox One’s Fall Update Includes Backwards Compatibility

Is Red Dead Redemption compatible yet?

In June, Microsoft announced that Xbox One will get backwards compatibility this year, even allowing preview program members to test the feature before its official launch. Now they’ve officially announced that the November system update will make backwards compatibility available to everyone, but there are still a few drawbacks.

In a news post, Microsoft detailed the updates coming to Xbox One in November. They include a redesigned Guide and a Community section that allows players to see their friend’s activities and the most popular Xbox One games. The update will also redesign the Xbox One Store to make games easier to find.

All Xbox One members will be able to play Xbox 360 games on their console when this update releases. It doesn’t seem that the library of games has grown since the feature was announced in June.

At launch you’ll be able to play over 100 Xbox 360 games on Xbox One with hundreds more in the months to come. This includes the added benefit of Xbox One features including screenshots, streaming, and game DVR – for your favorite Xbox 360 games. You can even play multiplayer with friends still using their Xbox 360.

Those 100 games are likely the same ones that Xbox Preview members have had access to for months, which are all listed here. Still, having the feature is an advantage over the PlayStation 4 which probably won’t add backwards compatibility in the future.

Are there any Xbox 360 games you’re ready to revisit this November? Let us know in the comments.

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