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Who’s a Better Destiny Ghost, Nolan North or Peter Dinklage?


Who’s a Better Destiny Ghost, Nolan North or Peter Dinklage?

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In Destiny’s recent 2.0 Patch, one of the biggest changes to game’s story was implemented; Nolan North officially replaced Peter Dinklage as the voice of the ghost. At first there was speculation around the reasons for this replacement. Many players thought that Peter Dinklage was replaced in the 2.0 Patch as a direct result of the criticism that his performance received from fans.

Bungie assured that this was not the case. Their reasoning for the 2.0 Patch replacement was that Peter Dinklage doesn’t have the type of free schedule and availability that coordinates well with the developers. Nolan North is a professional voice actor who has performed many roles before, knows the drill, and is more available upon request from Bungie.

But now, after the 2.0 Patch change, we can finally look at the performances back to back and ask the most important questions of all. Who is better? Was the 2.0 Patch change worth it? And what are the moments that we’ll miss most from our good old friend Peter Dinklebot? To answer that, take a look at Polygon’s video below.

Now that you’ve seen the two back to back, what is your take on the 2.0 Patch replacement? There is a clear difference in the two performances. One of the more noticeable differences fans are noticing is in the line, “We’ve woken the hive!” which Peter Dinklage shouts aloud, and Nolan North says much more softly. Were there other big differences you noticed? Be sure to share with us what you’re thinking in the comments.

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