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Ubisoft Asks Gamers Which Games They Want to See Made Backwards Compatible


Ubisoft Asks Gamers Which Games They Want to See Made Backwards Compatible

The choice is yours.

It was announced earlier this year at E3 that the Xbox One would be made backwards compatible and that players would need only put their old 360 game discs into their Xbox One’s and as long as the publisher agreed the game could then be downloaded and played on your Xbox One.

Getting third party publishers to agree to this seemed like the hard part, but Microsoft appears to be doing well on this front. Indeed, the mighty publisher Ubisoft has just shared a post on its official Mexican Facebook page which asked which Ubisoft games would gamers most like to see be made backwards compatible.

Gamers are being encouraged to post which games they’d most like to see become backwards compatible. The top games will be selected and Ubisoft will do the rest. Backwards compatibility is an excel;lent selling point for the Xbox One and many gamers will jump at the chance to play some of their favorite old games on their Xbox One’s.

Ubisoft also announced recently that the company does not plan to release any new games on old systems so backwards compatibility seems to be the way to go if you want to play older Ubisoft games. It seems Ubisoft wants to focus on the new hardware when it comes to new games like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

[Source: Facebook]

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