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Twitch Plays Dark Souls Has Somehow Defeated Ornstein & Smough


Twitch Plays Dark Souls Has Somehow Defeated Ornstein & Smough

Praise the Sun! Twitch Plays has defeated the game’s hardest boss.

Almost a month ago today, Twitch began a playthrough of Dark Souls in the same spirit of Twitch Plays Pokémon. Now they’ve accomplished a feat that I never could, which means that Twitch is better at Dark Souls than I am. The  Twitch Plays Dark Souls stream managed to defeat what is widely considered the games toughest boss, Ornstein & Smough.

After the social experiment of playing Pokémon, community gaming on Twitch suddenly became hugely popular. After being stuck in the opening area for over three days, many worried that the character would never make it further and the new series would become a failure. However, the community made a wise choice when changing some aspects of how the game is played. By bringing in a voting system and switching the style to turn-based combat, Twitch Plays Dark Souls has managed to keep chugging down the tracks.

The video above shows the feat in progress. Just be aware that it is edited to take out the time players waited to make their decisions, which is why the video stutters a bit.

Many people have criticized the new “Twitch Plays” series for switching to turn-based combat and integrally changing how the game is played,  but it’s doubtful the community would have ever made it this far otherwise. We all know how online conversations and chats can go sometimes, which still makes this achievement impressive.

What’s next for “Twitch Plays” after this, maybe Dark Souls 2? Bloodborne? What game would you like to see the series play? Does anyone else feel like going back and taking another stab at this boss? If Twitch can do it, we sure can. Let us know in the comments!

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