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Top 10 Things We Really Want to See in Pokemon GO


Top 10 Things We Really Want to See in Pokemon GO

A dream come true. Maybe.

It’s official; Nintendo has gone and made our dreams come true. The 10-year-old Ash Ketchum (or Misty) in us has been given the chance to go back and fill in a real(ish) Pokedex full of real(ish) Pokemon. That we can see. In real life. But just how will this affect us? What exactly will this do to our gaming lifestyles? Here is a list of the top ten things we want to see in Pokemon GO.

In-Game Currency

Remember when you fought Youngster Joey’s Caterpie and won

1,000 for it? Wonderful, wasn’t it? That’s another 10 pokeballs and a good handful of Potions for you. But a nice little bit of information about this game. It’s going to be a free download. Great, but what do free downloads usually entail? That’s right. In-app purchases. So, unless you happen to know a Youngster Joey who also happens to be extremely rich and willing to throw money away, you’re going to have to keep clicking ‘buy’ if you want to catch that Pikachu.


I’m sure we all remember the wonderfully terrifying, don’t-catch-this-or-the-world-will-explode, glitch. Missingno – the Tetris shaped ‘Pokemon’ that you can find by surfing on the East Coast of Cinnabar Island – was a total mystery to all of us. We heard the rumors that it would make your Pokemon max-level and we all tried to catch it. What was the worst that could happen? You could lose everything.

What would happen if we found Missingno in the real world? Would buildings and people suddenly break into 8-bit glitches every now and again? Would we wake up and relive the same day again and again because the save feature didn’t work? We’ll leave that one to your imagination.

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