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Tons of New Persona 5 Story Details Emerge


Tons of New Persona 5 Story Details Emerge

A phone app allows the protagonists to enter the “other world”.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine in Japan has released with loads of story details, and screenshots, from the new entry in the Persona series. The information comes from Famitsu via Esuteru with an interview featuring the game director Katsura Hahino. The translated information comes courtesy of Persona Central.

The most notable differences according to the magazine center around the game’s story structure. Unlike the cast of the previous two games, the Phantom Thieves of Persona 5 are not directly tied to a specific incident but rather involved in social reform and atonement. As such, the team won’t be facing one central villain or enemy. Instead Persona 5’s story is said to be designed like an “omnibus”, where the Phantom Thieves change the targets that they chase regularly.

A large piece of the story revolves around a mysterious phone application named “Isekainabi” (“Otherworldnavi” or “Parallel World Navigation”). Through this phone app the main characters are able to find the locations of their targets and enter another world know as “Palace” to steal the hearts of the so called “rotten people”. The “Palace” locations are overall important for the game’s background and are responsible for some of the strange locations like pyramids and art galleries we’ve seen in the trailers so far.

On top of these new story details, we learned more about the main protagonists as well. According to the interview the protagonist and his friends are troubled, and each has a part of them that feels they have lost their way. As such the group jumps on the chance to use the “Isekinabi” app they’ve gained control of in order to help others. The main protagonists Persona is Arsene.

Ryuuji Sakamoto the blonde haired boy in trailers, meets the main character during the first day of school and helps kick off the creation of the Phantom Thief Team. His relationship is said to be something of a “bad influence” for the protagonist. His Persona is Captain Kid.

Ann Tamaki the blonde girl in trailers, feels like she’s lost her place in the world, and becomes much more lively and energetic as one of the Phantom Thieves. Her Persona is named Carmen.

Morgana the cat, seems to be the member who’s most like a thief of the group. Much like Teddie in Persona 4 she will be assuming the role of a guide for the other characters. She uses the Persona Zoro.

Yuusuke Kitigawa the newest party member, has problems of his own that he’s dealing with. But drama begins when he encounters the rest of the team. Yususke in particular seems to be tied to the “omnibus” story for “world reformation.” Yuusuke has a Persona named Goemon and seems like he will be joining the party later in the game.

Each characters Persona design is meant to embody the concept of a “picaresque hero” and the characters will awaken to them at various points of the Palace, the worlds within people’s hearts.

Persona 5 Tokyo

Apparently the game will also allow players to explore various locations within a Greater Tokyo Area, as well as have characters chatting with each other over phone messages. These messages will allow players to personalize and expand the characters stories. Hashino also stated that because of the large scope of the game the development team still needs more time to finish it.

Persona 5 was set for a release this winter, but has now been pushed back to a release date of summer 2016 on PS3 and PS4. The game received a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show last week. Dual Shockers has uploaded a full gallery of new screenshots from the issue. Are you excited about all the new details coming out about Persona 5? Let us know in the comments.

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