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The New Apple TV Will Support Third-Party Controllers


The New Apple TV Will Support Third-Party Controllers

Grab a SteelSeries for your Apple TV.

Today’s Apple keynote event unveiled the new and improved Apple TV, an updated system touting gaming as a primary selling point. Missing from the presentation, but prominent on the official Apple TV page, is the news of third-party controller support.

The Apple TV does come with its own remote, a sleek Bluetooth controller with a touchpad and a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope (think Wii remotes). The remote’s simple design and touchpad worked easily to control titles like Crossy Road during the keynote presentation. But, for Apple TV games that require a broader range of control, players will be able to use MFi-based controllers, like the SteelSeries Nimbus showcased on the Apple website.

apple tv keynote crossy road game controller tv

“We’ve been working with the Apple team for more than a year now on the design and development of the Nimbus controller,” said SteelSeries CEO Ehtisham Rabbani in a press release. “This is a truly unique product – it’s the first of its kind with the Apple home button and lightning connector – features that simply do not exist on products that are not solely created by Apple.”

The Nimbus controller features a rechargeable battery capable of 40+ hours of play, pressure sensitive buttons, and a lightning connector for speedy charging. The peripheral will be available late October for $49.95.

So far, titles for the new Apple TV include Transistor, Guitar Hero Live, and Rayman Adventures. Harmonix is joining the lineup with Beat Sports, a “collection of music-infused mini-games based on familiar sports like tennis, volleyball, and golf.”

Were you impressed by the gaming on Apple’s new TV? Planning on grabbing one for yourself? Let us know in the comments, and check out some other top stories from today.

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