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The League of Legends 5.18 Worlds Patch Is Out Now


The League of Legends 5.18 Worlds Patch Is Out Now

Look out Gangplank, the 5.18 worlds patch is coming for your barrels.

Next time you log into League of Legends, you’re going to be asked to download the new 5.18 Worlds patch. This new patch introduces some nerfs and buffs to champions, including those who benefited from last month’s Juggernaut patch.

Gangplank players will be disappointed to hear that this patch has nerfed both his Powder Keg’s bonus damage to champions, as well as its armor penetration because, according to the patch notes, “The amount that barrels contribute to his ability to take over a game is entirely too high in the end-game.”

Darius and Fiora also received some nerfs as Darius Decimate’s heal has been nerfed and its mana cost now increases with every rank. Fiora armor, base health, and health growth stats have also been nerfed, so fighting her feels “like less of a stat-check.” On top of that, Fiora’s Lunge attack now reveals her if she uses it in the fog of war but on the plus side, she can now riposte ignite and Thresh’s Death Sentence.

Thanks to this patch, Morderkaiser can now sort of solo-lane because he can use his W Harvester of Souls on himself, at the cost of some health. Also, killing Garen no longer marks his killer as the villain.

Besides the character fixes, patch 5.18 also nerfed the Devourer enchantment strength and slightly increased the attack damage bonus of the Warrior enchantment. Players who get hit with Lulu’s Polymorph ability will also now lose some of the Dead Man Plate’s momentum too because, “being turned into a squirrel would probably make you lose a bit of your momentum.”

The patch also introduces an intentional feeding system and the ping buttons have been added to the minimap. The patch also means that all skins with a recall animation will now always play them. The patch also introduces the Championship Kalista skin, which you can check out below.


So what do you think of the changes brought in by the League of Legends 5.18 Worlds patch? Let us know in the comments below!

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