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The Last Guardian Shows Up at TGS with a Life-Size Trico


The Last Guardian Shows Up at TGS with a Life-Size Trico

Trico, yip yip!

The Last Guardian is making its way to Tokyo Game Show 2015 tomorrow, bringing a life-sized Trico for passersby to meet and interact with.

The creative team behind The Last Guardian, genDESIGN, has set up a Trico AI to be projected on a 6 meter high screen. Controlled by the in-game AI, Trico will interact with anyone who stops by the genDESIGN booth tomorrow.

The reveal clears up the teaser genDESIGN posted last week, saying they were “thinking about how to take Trico to the Makuhari ( in a new and different way).”

Although TGS officially opens tomorrow, Sony’s press conference already made big splashes with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue and new DualShock 4 controller styles.

If you’re already behind on the TGS news, check out everything you need to know from Sony’s TGS conference.

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