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The Destiny 2.0 Patch Brings Major Bounty Changes to the Game


The Destiny 2.0 Patch Brings Major Bounty Changes to the Game

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If you’ve been paying attention to our article updates on the Destiny 2.0 Patch changes, you might have already heard about the changes that were coming to the bounty system. However, now that we can finally see and experience it for ourselves as players, it’s significantly more noticeable how much the changes are a major overhaul to the entire bounty system.

During the Twitch livestreams, it was mentioned that the objectives of the bounties themselves would be re-designed in a way that would be more considerate of players’ time. While we could imagine how this might work at the time, we didn’t have any actual examples to validate our mental projections. But when the 2.0 Patch hit yesterday, we were able to catch our first glimpse of what it means to have bounties that are more considerate of players’ time.

2.0 Patch PvE and PvP Bounty Content

The first day of PvE bounties could all be completed on Mars. They included,

  • Defeat 10 Cabal Majors or Ultras
  • Defeat 50 Cabal
  • Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on Mars

All of which are all specifically oriented to Mars. The rest of the PvE bounties were non-specific to a mission or planet and could also be completed on the same Mars run including:

  • Earn 10,000 XP without dying
  • Generate 20 Orbs of Light
  • Get 30 Arc weapon kills

The first day of PvP bounties could all be completed in any game mode. Similar to the way that forcing players to go to different missions and planets was a big complaint about PvE bounties, a big complaint about PvP bounties was forcing players to complete different crucible mode playlists. This seems to be fixed with the new bounties including:

  • Defeat 3 opposing Guardians with precision shots
  • Defeat 7 opposing Guardians with Primary Weapons
  • Complete 3 matches in any playlist(s) while in a Fireteam of 2 or more players
  • In a team game mode, defeat 3 opposing Guardians while your team has the lead
  • Win a match in any team playlist while in a Fireteam of 2 or more players
  • Rapidly defeat 3 Guardians.

While these results bounty changes are only examples from the first day of the 2.0 Patch changes, they are in line with the outspoken intentions of Bungie from the Twitch live stream and despite the fact that nothing is definite or locked in place, especially with Destiny, this is probably a good foreshadowing of how the bounty changes will affect players in the future.

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