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The Call of Duty Black Ops III PlayStation 4 Comes With a 1 TB Hard Drive


The Call of Duty Black Ops III PlayStation 4 Comes With a 1 TB Hard Drive

That’s about 1,000 gigabytes.

Sony has released a fair amount of limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles this year. There’s the golden PlayStation 4 linked to a Taco Bell contest, the Darth Vader PS4 that will launch with Star Wars Battlefront, and a Destiny PS4 in celebration of the game’s major The Taken King expansion.

Today, Sony announced a new PlayStation 4 bundle for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. For the first time in North America, this limited edition console will come with a massive 1 TB hard drive.


The Call of Duty PS4 is marked with orange logos signifying the game’s three modes: campaign, multiplayer, and zombies. It will also come with a gray DualShock 4 which will be sold separately later. The bundle will include the standard edition of Black Ops III and a code for the NUK3TOWN multiplayer map.

The biggest change is the addition of a 1 TB hard drive. Europe and PAL territories got a 1 TB PlayStation 4 in July, but this is the first time North Americans can get a PlayStation 4 with larger storage without upgrading it themselves.

Pre-orders are now live for this bundle. It launches Nov. 16 for $449.99 in America and $549.99 CAD in Canada. Is your PlayStation 4 hard drive so stuffed that you’ll pick this console up? Let us know in the comments.

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