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Telltale Teases an October “Mega-Month” and “Epic” Tales from the Borderlands Finale


Telltale Teases an October “Mega-Month” and “Epic” Tales from the Borderlands Finale

We NEED more Wolf Among Us.

Late last night while waiting for the Blood Moon to peek out from behind some pesky clouds, Telltale Games’ friendly neighborhood Creative Communication head, Job Stauffer, held an impromptu Q&A session on Twitter. He took about a dozen questions or so, and gave some cheeky hints as to when we can expect certain finales, certain premieres, more information on a certain remaster, and more. If you want to check out each question and answer, use this tweet as your starting point. Otherwise, here’s the lowdown.

Regarding Minecraft: Story Mode, we can expect a new trailer later this week that will give us more information about the Order of the Stone. He also mentioned that the first episode will be longer than 90 minutes, which isn’t unusual for standard Telltale fare. We already know that first episode will be launching Oct. 13, which kicks off a “mega-month” for the developers.

The Tales from the Borderlands finale will likely drop in October following Minecraft: Story Mode‘s premiere, with Game of Thrones‘ final episode launching not long after that. Telltale has separate teams internally to work on each project, so nothing should suffer in terms of quality. They want these finales to be amazing, and fully expect you to cry during both.

In addition to the multiple new episode releases, Telltale will be touring New York City and London in October, with a major event in Los Angeles midway through the month. This is likely when we’ll get a lot of finalized release dates.

Of course there’s also The Walking Dead to look forward to. First up is the 3-episode Michonne mini-series that’s still slated for a Fall release, which Stauffer made sure to clarify lasts until Dec. 21. Also, we know it won’t arrive until after October. As for the highly anticipated third season, they won’t be revealing any new information on that until after Michonne‘s run has wrapped.

Perhaps the most enticing tease was that his “lips are sealed” on the topic of a possible sequel to The Wolf Among Us, which definitely leads one to believe that it may actually be in the works. Fingers crossed, people.

Finally, Telltale will be dropping a special trailer in just a day or two for their upcoming remaster of 2010’s Back to the Future, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Sadly, I never got a reply to my question regarding the Telltale Games/Marvel project (UPDATE: a day later, and he’s come through! As expected, don’t expect any information on the Marvel project until late 2016 at the earliest), but seeing as their plate is so full at the moment, I suppose I can forgive them this time. What are you hoping to see next from Telltale, or what are you most looking forward to that they have announced? Let us know in the comments!

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