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Taco Bell Puts Out a Call for Indie Game Developers


Taco Bell Puts Out a Call for Indie Game Developers


As gaming has grown over the past decade or so, so has the indie games market. Games like Braid, Bastion, or Gone Home that probably wouldn’t have found the spotlight they deserve in the AAA space have made their own niches in the indie scene, and it’s something gamers have been wanting more of. While Microsoft and Sony have been getting indies on their side, a new challenger has thrown their hat into the ring, and it’s…Taco Bell?

Yes, seriously, Taco Bell wants to get in on the indie games space, and they’ve put out a call to developers:

If this blows up, it’ll be pretty big for the winners and the restaurant chain. Just think about it: Taco Bell, helping aspiring game developers get their foot in the industry. That’s pretty cool, as nuts as it sounds. Currently, the experts listed are the folks at Rooster Teeth (creators behind the Red vs Blue and Achievement Hunter series), Jessica Chobot of Nerdist News, and Justin Alminawi, Twitch streamer. You can get in on this right here.

Thinking about signing up for Taco Bell’s challenge? Let us know in the comments below.

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