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Super Mario Maker Saw over 1 Million Courses Created in a Single Week


Super Mario Maker Saw over 1 Million Courses Created in a Single Week

And they just keep coming.

It’s been barely a week since the release of Super Mario Maker, the new Wii U title that allows players to create their own Super Mario courses and share them with the world. In this small amount of time, the Mario Maker world has been filling with tons of fan-made levels, reaching the 1 million course threshold today.

Worldwide more than 1 million courses have been created in Super Mario Maker in just a single week!” posted the official Super Mario Facebook page. “Thank you all for sharing your amazing creations – with such a supply, we can’t stop playing!

mario maker 1 million courses

The sheer number of courses isn’t the only impressive Super Mario Maker feat we’ve seen this week. One player went so far as to create Waluigi’s Ubearable Existence, a series of levels diving into Waluigi’s deep, painful psyche.

Super Mario Maker is also filled with a variety of fun easter eggs. You can play any level with retro CRT TV graphics using a secret code, and you can even turn your TV cursor into a cat paw.

Let us know if you’ve been enjoying some of the 1 million Super Mario Maker courses, and check out more of today’s top stories.

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