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Street Fighter V Rashid Trailer Shows He Truly is of the Turbulent Wind


Street Fighter V Rashid Trailer Shows He Truly is of the Turbulent Wind

Remember his name, indeed.

We reported yesterday Dubai’s Game15 convention announced a brand-new character to Street Fighter V named Rashid. Yes, the United Arab Emirates’ own version of Las Vegas has its own gaming convention, and Executive Producer on Street Fighter V Yoshinori Ono was front and center on revealing Rashid. The footage was objectively amateur, but the point remained. Rashid originates from the Middle East and uses the power of wind to defeat opponents.

Capcom Unity, Capcom’s official blog, has the skinny on the new challenger:

“Hailing from the Middle East, Rashid is a fun, easy going individual who has an affinity for technology. Although his fighting style is casual, it’s anything but laid back! Using the power of wind, Rashid is definitely one of the more difficult characters to catch…Players can look forward to parkour inspired, fast-paced attacks, which will leave opponents scratching their heads and wondering what’s coming next!”

The post from Capcom employee “Haunts” also flaunts screenshots of Rashid in battle. Some showing off the new character dominating Street Fighter veterans Ryu or Vega, and some demonstrate Rashid’s wind-empowered moves. In addition, Haunts’ post details three moves possessed by Rashid.

First, a simple divekick where Rashid does an airborne front flip then leads with his sandal. Second, his “Rolling Assault” also concerns a foot and a flip, yet Rashid rolls forward for an upward kick. Lastly, and likely the most annoying for opponents, Rashid’s whirlwind attack of “Ysaar” flings a whirlwind at an opponent. If the opponent backs away from it, then Rashid can easily propel himself forward with any any forward attack of his thanks to the Ysaar projectile boosting his movement speed.

That now makes two grizzled, bearded foes to encounter in Street Fighter V so far. Of course, when it comes to facial hair, everyone in Street Fighter looks fantastic with it. Should beard DLC be a thing in fighting games?

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