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New Street Fighter V Character Rashid Revealed at Game15 Convention


New Street Fighter V Character Rashid Revealed at Game15 Convention

Spin attacks that will make Crash Bandicoot weep.

Update: NeoGAF user cheesekao was also at the event and uploaded a much better view of Rashid.

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Street Fighter V’s newest challenger goes by the name of Rashid. Revealed at Dubai’s Game15, a gaming convention set within the United Arab Emirates,  Youtube user PaiZuriFAN caught an unsuspecting scoop. A brand-new character to join Ryu and gang alongside Necalli, Rashid has a beard  and wears what appears to be a white Keffiyeh. An off-screen video captures a part of Rashid’s design.

The video is above; however, the video is in poor quality.  PaiZuriFAN does commentate to help translate what they saw, and we do get slight hints at how Rashid will play. We also see slight closeups of Rashid in enabling his ultra and a still of the character, all shot off screen.

And how Rashid will play as concerns a lot of spin attacks, off-the-wall attacks, and plenty of wind-based  attacks as seen in the video. Needlessly to say, Rashid will not get dizzy from the Crash Bandicoot-like spin attacks he’ll pummel opponents with.

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