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Sony and Taco Bell Team up to Give Away 6,000 Gold Playstation 4 Systems


Sony and Taco Bell Team up to Give Away 6,000 Gold Playstation 4 Systems

Get a golden console, but not golden tacos.

When most people think of Taco Bell, reasonably priced food and Baja Blast comes to mind. When they think of Sony, they’ll usually picture PlayStation or high-definition televisions. When these two combine, what happens? Golden PlayStation 4 systems, obviously.









From Sept. 24 until Nov. 4, Big Box meals at Taco Bell will include a special code. The code can be entered at for a chance to win a bundle that includes a golden PlayStation 4, golden controller, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and one year subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Sony is giving away one of these bundles every ten minutes, which equates to around 6,000 total winners. This is currently the only way to get a golden PlayStation 4, so Taco Bell locations around the world will probably be very busy in the upcoming months.

This is a unique way for Sony to introduce a limited edition console, but winning over $500 worth of stuff for a few dollars isn’t a bad deal. Will you try you luck at winning this shiny new PlayStation? Let us know in the comments.

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