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Software Update 3.00 Now Available on Your PlayStation 4


Software Update 3.00 Now Available on Your PlayStation 4

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The PlayStation 4 3.00 system software update has gone live and you should get the option to download the new update as soon as you next switch on your PS4. The new update brings a lot of new features such as sharing video clips to Twitter, YouTube Live, PNG screenshots, events, and communities. It’s a lot to take in, but luckily, the PlayStation Blog has got a new post which shows us how to take advantage of these new features.

Sharing video clips to Twitter:You can now share your video clips on Twitter easily. On the Upload Video Clip menu, you will see the Twitter icon along with Facebook and YouTube. Videos can be up to 10 seconds long but you have the ability to edit clips.

PlayStation Plus: There’s now a dedicated section for PlayStation Plus which you can access at the touch of a button. Here you can get an overview of your subscription, manage your membership, see the monthly free games, and check which games you’ve redeemed through PS Plus.

YouTube live: You should see a new YouTube icon on the Broadcast Gameplay screen. This will allow you to live stream directly from your PS4 onto YouTube.

PNG Screenshots: You can now choose to save your screenshots in a higher quality format with PNG rather than JPEG. To access, press Share > Share Settings > Screenshot Settings > Image Format.

Events: You can now access a calendar which will show you upcoming gaming events.

Improvements to Messages and Favorite Groups: It’s now easier to access groups of people you chat to and play games with. You can see your friends in your groups, whether they’re online, and what games they’re playing. You can even send messages to them all at once. You can also create different groups with different friends depending on what games you play with them. You can have a favourite group for friends you play Destiny with, and another for those you play Call of Duty with.

Communities: PlayStation 4 players can now create communities for other players to join. These communities can be based upon shared interests such as specific games, online communities, or just for you and your friends. Communities include message boards which members can post on with screenshots, messages, and general discussion.

Stickers: Last but not least, on the messages app, you will be able to send stickers to your friends. These stickers will be based upon popular games. Right now there are stickers for Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Resogun, and more.

This is certainly an impressive update from Sony and so far it all seems to be running very smoothly. Are there any features you feel have been left out?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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