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See the Real World Locations That Inspired Final Fantasy XV


See the Real World Locations That Inspired Final Fantasy XV

Let’s take a vacation!

Final Fantasy XV boasts a huge open world full of wildlife and dramatic scenery. The development team at Square Enix drew much of its inspirations from real world locations and animals. Sometimes game development takes more of a hands-on touch than sitting behind a desk.

So enters one of the strangest videos you’ll watch for a game all year. Square Enix developers crawling in holes, cooking dinners on the road, and traveling from forests to mountain tops all in the name of research and idea hunting for the new Final Fantasy.

The team is clearly paying very close attention to the small details for Final Fantasy XV, and their dedication to this comes through loud and clear. Hopefully the extensive location scouting they’ve done can make the world feel rich and teeming with life, perfect for hopping in the car and taking a scenic drive.

Square has also released a brand new extended version of the “Dawn” trailer we saw at Gamescom, and a batch of new screenshots. Final Fantasy XV has been confirmed for a 2016 simultaneous release date on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hajime Tabata has said that we’ll receive more news on the release date during a “special event” in March 2016. Are you ready to take a vacation with Final Fantasy XV?

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