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Rainbow 6 Siege Operator Skills and Weapons List


Rainbow 6 Siege Operator Skills and Weapons List

Who’s packing what in Rainbow 6 Siege?

The Rainbow 6 Siege Beta comes with 14 of the 20 Operators from the final game. Featuring 7 Attackers and 7 Defenders, the beta gave a good impression as to what to expect from the different specializations. After some time playing Rainbow 6 Siege, we’ve compiled each of the Operators from the beta including their class, armor level, speed, special skill, loadout options and Counter Terrorism Unit they belong to. Check out the lineup.

Rainbow 6 Siege Attackers

Sledge originates from the SAS, using medium armor and speed. His special skill is a sledgehammer used for breaching destructible surfaces. He has the choice between using a M59041 shotgun or L85A2 assault rifle as a primary weapon, a P226 Mk 25 handgun or SMG-11 for secondary weapons, and frag grenade or breach charges for his gadget.

Thermite, from the FBI SWAT unit, uses exothermic charges to breach walls, doors, and some openings on the ground. He has both medium speed and armor. His weapons include the M1014 shotgun or 556xi assault rifle for his primary options. The secondary options are a M45 MEUSOC semi automatic pistol or the 5.7 USG semi automatic pistol. The biggest difference between the two pistols is that the M45 uses higher caliber rounds while the 5.7 has lower caliber but higher velocity. His gadgets include the frag grenade and additional breach charges.

Twitch, from the GIGN, features medium speed and armor with a shock drone to disable traps or injure enemies. The primaries are an F2 assault rifle, a compact pump action 12 gauge SG-CQB shotgun, and the 417 sniper rifle which looks an awful lot like an assault rifle. A .357 revolver, LFP586, and the P9 pistol are his secondaries. His gadgets include a stun grenade and breach charges.

Attackers Rainbow 6 Siege

Montagne, the other Attacker from the GIGN, relies on heavy armor and slow speed. His skill is a fully extendable shield that protects him from gunfire even while standing. His shield doubles as his primary, leaving him to wield either the P9 pistol or LFP586 revolver as his secondary. His gadgets include a stun grenade or smoke grenade.

Fuze is the only featured character from the Russian Spetsnaz. He has heavy armor/slow speed and uses a cluster charge. This device pierces walls and will release sub grenades on the other side of it. It’s also capable of clearing out multiple enemies at once. His primaries include a shield, the 6P41 LMG, and AK-12 assault rifle. Secondary weapons consist of the PMM 9mm and GSH-18 semi-automatic pistol. The gadgets are breach charges and stun grenades.

Blitz is the first character from the GSG9 who uses heavy armor with slow speed combo. The special skill is a G52 Tactical Shield equipped with a sort of flashbang grenade that, when triggered, blinds enemies temporarily. This also acts as his primary weapon, leaving him a P12 .45 caliber handgun to use for his secondary. Gadgets include a smoke grenade or breach charge.

IQ is a lightly armored, fast moving Operator from GSG9. Equipped with an electronics detector, IQ can locate nearby electronic devices even through walls. The primaries include the Aug 12 assault rifle, 552 Commando assault rifle, and the G8A1 LMG. The secondaries include the P12 .45 caliber handgun. Breach charges and stun grenades round out the gadgets.

Rainbow 6 Siege Defenders

Smoke, from the SAS, has medium armor and speed. His special skill is a remotely detonated toxic gas grenade which will clear a room in a hurry. The primary options are the M59041 shotgun or FMG-9 submachine gun with a choice of a P226 Mk25 pistol or SMG-11 (uzi) for secondary. His gadgets include a nitro cell, remote detonated C4, or placeable barbed wire traps.

Mute, also from SAS, also has medium armor and speed. The special skill for him is a device that, when placed, will jam communications for remotely controlled devices such as cameras and drones. His loadout includes the MP5K submachine gun or M59041 shotgun. Mute has the P226 Mk 25 9mm handgun and nitro cells or a deployable shield to take cover behind for his gadgets.

Pulse, FBI SWAT, has light armor with high speed. His gadget is the cardiac sensor, which can detect heartbeats when they are in his range, even through walls and other obstacles. His choices include the M1014 shotgun or UMP45 SMG for primaries. Secondaries include the M45 MEUSOC and 5.7 USG. The gadgets include nitro cells or barbed wire traps.

Rainbow 6 defenders

Doc, from GIGN, has heavy armor/slow speed and uses a hypodermic needle gun to revive injured teammates before they bleed out. This is especially useful if one is pinned down behind cover and unable to reach the teammate in peril. The primaries include SG CQB shotgun, the MP5, or P90 submachine guns. The P9 9mm handgun and a .357 revolver, LFP586, are the featured secondaries. His gadgets are deployable barbed wire traps and a deployable shields to hide behind.

Rook, also from GIGN, has heavy armor and slow speed. He drops a bag of armor plates that teammates can pick up for increased damage resistance. His primaries are the SG CQB, P90 and MP5. The secondaries include P9 9mm and LFP586 .357 revolver. His gadgets include barbed wire traps and deployable shields.

Jäger is a lightly armored, fast mover from GSG9. Active defense is his skill. When this is placed, it can intercept incoming grenades and keep them from detonating. The M870, a pump action shotgun featuring an enlarged barrel for enhanced range, and the 416-C Carbine are the primary weapon choices. The secondary is the P12 .45 caliber handgun. The available gadgets include deployable shield and barbed wire.

Bandit is another lightly armored, fast mover from GSG9. Bandit comes equipped with a shock wire, a high-tension wire that is able to attach to 2 metallic objects to deal damage to enemies who walk into it. The primaries include the MP7 SMG and M870 shotgun. The secondary is a P12 handgun. Barbed wire and nitro cells round out the gadgets.

Rainbow 6 Siege definitely has some variety to the characters. Have you tried any of them out yet? Which ones do you prefer? Haven’t had a chance to play it yet? Let us know below.

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