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PSA: Destiny 2.0 Patrols and Faction-Specific Quests Bugged


PSA: Destiny 2.0 Patrols and Faction-Specific Quests Bugged

Proceed with caution.

On Tuesday Sept 8 the major 2.0 update for Destiny went live bringing tons of new additions to the game in preparation for The Taking King which launches next week. Some of the new additions came in the form of quests that promise unique rewards for those who complete them. Unfortunately these quests seem to have an issue in regards to giving out the rewards.

According to Bungie forum post, the developers are aware of certain Patrol and Faction questlines not providing the intended reward. The post reassures players that the rewards will be granted upon Destiny: The Taken King’s launch on the 15th. They also warn that Patrol completions do not grant the reward retroactively, so it is advised that you do not proceed with those missions.

Bungie also took the time to clarify some confusion regarding class emblems that many players assumed were to be granted upon completion of their Vanguard questlines. There are indeed new class emblems, but those are rewards for quests and bounties that will be added to Destiny next week with the launch of The Taken King.

So hold off on completing questlines just to be extra safe so that you can reap the rewards next Tuesday when all of the new awesomeness hits Destiny.

Safe travels, guardians.

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