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Project Morpheus Gets a Name-change


Project Morpheus Gets a Name-change

Plain and boring, but it looks cool.

Sony’s entry into the virtual reality market will be with a headset named Playstation VR, and not Project Morpheus, as it was formerly known. The announcement surfaced today at the Tokyo Game Show press conference. It was only accompanied by a video reel showcasing the mandatory overly enthusiastic gamers, in this case playing upcoming Playstation VR releases.

The video collage is short and sweet, and features the new action-adventure title London Heist, a new competitive multiplayer mech combat game from developer Guerilla called RIGS, along with The Deep, an underwater diving game. The trailer also includes a glance at Cyber Danganronpa VR, Final Fantasy 14 Online and the Playroom VR.

No official release date was announced, and the same applies to the price point of the device.

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