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PlayStation Consoles Are Finally Getting a Twitch App


PlayStation Consoles Are Finally Getting a Twitch App

You can finally use your console to watch people play video games.

PlayStation owners haven’t been able to get the full Twitch experience on any of their devices. PlayStation 4 allows broadcasting to Twitch, but PS4 owners had to open the system’s web browser to view the majority of streams.

One of today’s announcements from TwitchCon is the unveiling of a full Twitch app for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita and PlayStation TV.

Twitch cofounder Emmett Shear announced the app during the TwitchCon keynote. This fall, PlayStation owners will be able to view any stream on website. The app will also have full chat support and use of Twitch’s suite of distinctive emoticons.

Also, the Vita app marks the first time Twitch will officially support a handheld gaming device. Twitch has an app on smartphones, but this is the first time they’re coming to a portable console.

This has been a common request from PlayStation owners for a while now, but there’s still plenty of improvements they’d like to see. What features do you want to see on PlayStation 4 in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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