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Old Mascots We Hope Return, But Never Get Skylanders’d Like Spyro


Old Mascots We Hope Return, But Never Get Skylanders’d Like Spyro

Poor Spyro.

What is being Skylanders’d?

Verb. Definition: A long dormant character in a video game franchise being revived as the face of a new series before being slowly shuttered out of the line altogether. Examples: Spyro

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Who is He? A platformer series from the PS2 era by Krome Studios and EA (later Activision for the third game). The last of his kind, our Ty went on a mission to save his family from the Dreamtime realm after they were imprisoned there by the villain Boss Cass, a cassowary hellbent on world domination. True to his Australian nature, Ty uses elemental boomerangs to fight enemies and solve puzzles. After Night of the Quinkan releasing in 2005, the series went dormant until Krome put out Boomerang Blast for the iOS in 2012 to celebrate the series’ 10 year anniversary. The fourth numbered entry in the series came out earlier this week on PC, and the reviews so far are actually pretty positive.

Best Game? The original, for sure. Camera may be wonky and Ty can sometimes be hard to control, but the rest of the series doesn’t entirely reach the level of fun this one does.

Chances of Being Skylanders’d? Not likely. That Ty 4 is currently only for PC means that it’s more than likely that’s what Krome will be releasing any future games for Steam. Unless future games also add more characters to the universe, the fairly small library of characters in the canon means that it wouldn’t even come within close range to Skylanders or Disney Infinity.

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