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No Moogles in Final Fantasy XV, Possible DLC, and Much More from TGS


No Moogles in Final Fantasy XV, Possible DLC, and Much More from TGS

*chocobo theme plays in head*

During 2015’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix hosted their latest Active Time Report to reveal new information about Final Fantasy XV. The planned discussion covered things like the fishing mini-game and chocobo-riding details, but the Q&A segment brought plenty of extra tidbits to light as well. The stream was presented in Japanese, but a video with English subtitles will be uploaded soon.

For now, we’ll thank the Nova Crystallis and official English Final Fantasy XV Twitter accounts for their translations and summaries as the stream progressed. To keep things simple, here’s a bullet-point list of all the points covered during the stream. At the bottom you can also view a two-minute English summary video of the event from Square Enix.

Story elements:

  • The Niflheim Empire has achieved world domination, except for the Kingdom of Lucis, who has defied them with the crystal’s power.
  • King Regis is the crystal’s current guardian, and he too can wield weapons from thin air. In his youth he fought beside Cid and General Cor.
  • King Regis has aged greatly due to the need of his energy to maintain the shield around Lucis.
  • Noctis’ mother and Regis’ queen died when Noctis was still an infant.
  • Luna is a highly revered “oracle,” with the ability to talk to the gods. She is the youngest oracle ever.
  • Luna lives in Tenebrae, a city under Niflheim control that has some autonomy thanks to her role as oracle.
  • Luna is courageous — unfazed, even when surrounded by the Niflheim soldiers, as she possesses extreme inner strength.
  • Luna and Noctis made a promise as children that connects to the story.
  • In the new artwork of Luna, there is a “black haired woman” behind Luna. Her name is Gentiana and she plays an important role.

Mini-games and other tidbits:

  • You can rent chocobos and whistle to call them. Rented chocobos will follow you when not mounted.
  • Chocobos cannot double jump, but they will have aerial combos.
  • No FFVII-like breeding, but some chocobos have status effects that change how they ride.
  • Black chocobos are not standard. Teased that there’s more to them than the normal yellow type.
  • There are lots of different fishing lures, and fish can break the line.
  • There are more mini-games other than chocobo racing and fishing, but they can’t say how many yet.
  • The car’s roof will automatically close during rain or other bad weather.
  • If they have to push an airship to DLC, it will be a free download.
  • Multi-regional voice acting may become available as DLC down the line.
  • Ignis’ ability to cook different recipes grows throughout the game.
  • Will feature a Photo Mode that allows you to take snapshots.
  • Obtaining summons isn’t always the same. You may have to fight some, but not others.
  • Gilgamesh will not be in the core game, but they may bring him in via DLC.
  • There are currently no moogles in Final Fantasy XV. With enough fan demand they may be added in later.
  • The female mechanic’s name is Cindy in the English version, and Cidney (Shi-do-ni) in the Japanese version.
  • Lunafreya will have fight scenes. No more information on that at this time.
  • Characters will have “sub-weapon” equips. As an example, Gladiolus has a shield.
  • You can’t execute combo attacks with guns, but you can fire in quick succession with a reload.
  • You can’t enter every structure or building, but there are many you will be able to
  • Director Hajime Tabata wants to expand the story of the party members, perhaps their school days, in other ways than in-game.
  • Final Fantasy XV is looking to a CERO B rating (12+).
  • Next Active Time Report is expected before the end of the year and will discuss the female dragoon and Niflheim.

Earlier this week Square Enix also released the Dawn trailer 2.0, with added scenes from the Dawn trailer shown at Gamescom. With a release announcement planned for March, the “late 2015” Active Time Report may well be our last one before we learn Final Fantasy XV‘s actual release date.

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