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Nintendo Unveils Plans For Restructuring


Nintendo Unveils Plans For Restructuring

Big changes are happening at Nintendo!

Earlier this morning Nintendo announced Tatsumi Kimishima will follow in the late Satoru Iwata’s footsteps as president of the company. Kimishima has been an integral part of Nintendo for almost 15 years, preferring to be much more on the business side of things where Iwata preferred the developmental side.

He’s served in such roles as Representative Director of The Pokémon Company, Director and Chairman of Nintendo of America (until until Reggie Fils-Aime succeeded him in 2006). They also announced new roles for Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto, as Technology Fellow and Creative Fellow respectively.

Along with these changes, there are some huge organizational changes happening within the company.  The company released some charts today detailing all of the organizational and leadership changes within the company that will be effective as of September 16, 2015.

Nintendo Organization Changes

The Integrated Research and Development Division (responsible for designing Nintendo hardware and consoles), and the System Development Division (responsible for much of the work on the Nintendo Network) will be be merging into one division. The merger will create a new group called the Platform Technology Development Division. Under the new banner the division will be in charge of all aspects of Nintendo hardware including development of Nintendo hardware, OS, development tools, and network.

The Entertainment Analysis & Development Division and the Software Planning and Development Division will also fold into one department known as the Entertainment Planning and Development Division. These two divisions in the past have been the in-house departments responsible for designing games at Nintendo. Going forward the new department will not only be responsible for designing games on Nintendo’s future platforms, but also on smartphone devices.

On another note, Nintendo has established a brand new department in its business section. The Business Development Division, will handle  growing Nintendo’s presence on smartphones as well as any new businesses that will handle or include Nintendo’s IP.

All of the changes the company plans are listed in the table below. What do you think about Nintendo’s upcoming changes? Does the appointment of Tatsumi Kimishima, and the merging of these different divisions bode well for the future of the company?

Nintendo New Organization Chart

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