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New Trailer & Details on Sci-fi Horror SOMA


New Trailer & Details on Sci-fi Horror SOMA

Don’t be scared. It’s only a creepy horror game with killer robots.

A rather cryptic and mysterious post on Sony’s official blog has just been published by Thomas Grip, the Creative Director at Frictional Games. It describes the inspirations that led to the development of their Sci-fi horror game, SOMA, and confirms that the game will be available to audiences September 22nd on PC and Playstation 4.

He goes on to recount the psychological aspects that act as focal points in the story, and how the team analyzed the emotional responses people tend to make when simply being themselves. Perhaps a new and fresh perspective on how horror can be more than discount jump scares and eerie music?

Attached to the post is a trailer, that features a creepy conversation between the player and a robot with artificial intelligence suffering from an injury and thinks it’s human. The camera then slowly pans along empty rooms with blood smeared across the walls, while corpes lie scattered along gloomy hallways. It’s dark, and we love it.

The post also depicts the fictional world of Anosognosia, where SOMA presumably will play out. A world that somehow dwells between the spiritual and physical, where humanity has been sacrificed by AI computers, all for a greater good:

Normally when one talks about AI, we imagine something like HAL, a talking machine that understands human wishes — but it doesn’t need to go nearly as far as that. Consider a self-driving car that has a passenger. What if it’s approaching a situation where it calculates that it has two choices. One, it could make an avoidance maneuver and spare the life of the passenger inside. Or two, it can go off a bridge, killing its passenger, but save the four people in a car ahead instead.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one wanting to scratch that itch on your head. The post itself is pretty deep and convoluted, and touches on subjects that not a lot of games ever have, or maybe never has. We urge you to take a look at the trailer and the blog post, it’s an interesting read to say the least.

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