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New Star Wars: Battlefront ‘Drop Zone’ Game Mode Revealed


New Star Wars: Battlefront ‘Drop Zone’ Game Mode Revealed

“Fast, exciting gameplay.”

EA and DICE have the information machine for Star Wars: Battlefront well underway with the announcement of the new game mode Drop Zone. It will be a new version of the classic King of the Hill game mode with teams going at it to secure pods containing super power ups.

Once a pod has landed, teams will fight for control to trigger the claim process. If teams are unable to claim the pod within a certain time frame, a second pod will drop to break the stalemate and have both teams engage over control of two pods. The winning side will be the first to secure 5 of these pods or the team that has secured the most at the end of the match. In the event of a tie, one more pod will drop and the team that secures it first will be declared victorious.

The lead level designer, Dennis Brännvall, said in the update that “fast, exciting gameplay” is what they are promoting, where “being mobile and thinking on your feet” will be the keys to success, as opposed to camping which will result in the team becoming targets for the super power ups.

The hype train rolling down the tracks between now and Star Wars: Battlefront’s Nov 17 release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in North America. Europe will have to wait until Nov 20 for their release.

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