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Need for Speed Cars and Customization Gameplay Trailer


Need for Speed Cars and Customization Gameplay Trailer

Start your engines!

Need for Speed is racing towards its release date and over the past few months we’ve seen some excellent gameplay trailers that show off the high speed, adrenaline fueled races along with the superb graphics.

A key part of any good racing game is having the ability to customize and tweak your cars. You want to stand out from the crowd before you make them eat your dust. It looks like Need for Speed has this covered, and to give you an idea of how detailed the customization options are, a gameplay trailer has been released which shows off all the features available to you.

Need for Speed will feature the world’s most iconic cars and you will be able to add authentic customization to all of them. You will be able to use real world brands on your car such as Rocket Bunny, Sebon, and RWB. Graphics from leading brands can also be applied to your cars as well as changing the colors and sizes of the decals.

You will also be able to change how each car handles with a new system which allows you to choose between drift or grip. You can even tune the individual tire pressures of each of your cars wheels and you can tweak the down-force, steer range, and brake bias.

Need for Speed is due to be released on November 3 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be released in early 2016 for the PC.

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