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Naughty Dog Discusses Uncharted 4’s Real-Time Cutscenes, New Brutal Difficulty, and Ending the Series


Naughty Dog Discusses Uncharted 4’s Real-Time Cutscenes, New Brutal Difficulty, and Ending the Series

Here’s what’s coming with Uncharted’s final chapter.

Naughty Dog Writer Josh Scherr and Lead Animator Eric Baldwin got together this morning for an Uncharted Collection Twitch stream, where they talked all things Uncharted while playing the Nathan Drake Collection.

As the game menu opened, we got a peek at the new Brutal mode made available after completing the game on the Crushing difficulty. Uncharted 4 will also feature this Brutal level of gameplay, which the Naughty Dog duo said was no easy task to create.

According to Scherr and Baldwin, the team reached a point where only one QA tester could complete the game on the setting, and then they made it even harder. It’s the biggest challenge an Uncharted game has ever offered, throwing the gauntlet to the most determined players out there.

When asked whether they were sad to see the final chapter of Uncharted come to a close, the devs said that sad wasn’t quite the right word. It was exciting to be working on the series from start to finish, they shared, and it felt good giving the story a fitting final chapter.

The two also talked about Uncharted 4‘s narrative, which will wrap up a couple of loose ends and bring back lots of things long-time fans will appreciate. New players won’t be left out of the loop, though, as they noted that the game was written and designed so that newcomers can get invested and hopefully enjoy the rest through the Nathan Drake Collection.

As for the game’s cutscenes, they’re all in real-time. That means everything that shows up on characters in game is what’s showing live in the cutscenes.

Scherr and Baldwin also took a moment to discuss an unreleased Uncharted 2 movie, where Nathan gets seduced by the game’s hulking antagonist rather than Chloe. They also revealed that Doughnut Drake won’t be the only doughnut skin usable in the Uncharted Collection.

You can watch the full “Uncharted Moments” stream in Naughty Dog’s Twitch archive.

Are you prepared for the last of Uncharted to drop come March 18? Let us know in the comments below, and check out some of today’s other big stories.

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