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Minecraft Will Get Oculus Rift Support Next Year


Minecraft Will Get Oculus Rift Support Next Year

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Minecraft will be getting virtual reality support next year according to Mojang. During the Oculus conference, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey discussed his fondness for the game and revealed that the popular game is coming to Oculus.

Lydia WInters of Mojang then shared some details, including the fact that the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft will add Oculus support sometime in the Spring of 2016. This edition will be available from the Oculus store and the Windows store. If you already own the Windows version a previous computer version of Minecraft, then you can get the Windows 10 edition for free. Remember that this Oculus edition will not be the VR edition shown at E3 earlier this year.

An Oculus edition of the game was planned for the game last year but was canceled when Facebook acquired Oculus. It was also recently announced that the Telltale Minecraft story game is going to debut in October.

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