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MGSV Fans Are Turning Their Pets into Their Very Own Diamond Dogs


MGSV Fans Are Turning Their Pets into Their Very Own Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dog ready for duty!

This week saw the release of the long awaited, blockbuster title Metal Gear Solid V (A Hideo Kojima game, if you didn’t know). While the game has received torrents of praise from both player and critic alike, one particular part seems to have melted the heart of everyone who’s played it: the Diamond Dog puppy.

Twitter has been awash with all kinds of canine screenshots, like this one capturing the delightful moment that Diamond Dog makes his first appearance as a cute little puppy.

Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dog

Many Metal Gear Solid V fans, however, love their real life Diamond Dog just as much as the cute little pup pictured above. Some try to transform their dastardly pup into the heroic D-Dog we know and love, and others… well, you’ll see.

This one’s adorable and eager for MGSV: TPP to arrive, but unfortunately, this pup had nothing on our next potential canine companion for Snake.

This Diamond Dog was not amused about the fact there was a walk scheduled for the day after Metal Gear Solid V was released. They just wanted to kick back with a chew toy and enjoy the tactical espionage action. With that serious face, Alcoholikaust’s lovely Husky reminds us of someone…

Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dog

Well, minus the eyepatch anyway.

Others seem to have taken Diamond Dog a little bit too literally.

Clad with his gangster shades and cigar, this little pooch probably wouldn’t fit in too well in Metal Gear Solid V on the tactical battlefield. But, the somewhat out-of-the-box attempt is appreciated. He’s a stay at home pooch, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to chill.

Before we move on to our ultimate winner. We just had to include this guy.

First, we have to applaud the choice of gaming fuel. But the real star of the show is the puppy eyes behind this table full of treats. You can almost see the pain in those eyes. Probably because Metal Gear Solid V is hours away from releasing at the time. Granted, not a perfect companion for Snake, but this dog’s definitely succumb to the fact that they won’t be getting much attention for the next couple days… weeks… months.

Retweeted by Kojima himself, you know this dog has a future career in tactical espionage… or as a model. Repping the eyepatch, fur is on fleek, cracking a cheeky smile then going right into a deep camera stare that must say “I mean business.” It’sAmandaLemon just won Diamond Dog cosplay for life with this one, and really sums up the passion that fans have for Metal Gear Solid V. 

Remember though, whilst you’re playing Metal Gear Solid V, a well fed, watered and walked dog is a happy dog. A quick game of fetch is definitely GOTY for dogs, and they’ll probably be sat there for the rest of the day looking like this.

Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dog

If you’re looking for more MGS fan work, check out this awesome Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Quiet cosplay. If you’re needing any tips, tricks, or general guidance, check out our ever-growing wiki!

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