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MGS V: How to Easily (and Cheaply) Extract Any Soldier


MGS V: How to Easily (and Cheaply) Extract Any Soldier

Fear the chicken.

Look, we’re not all masters of stealth and disguise. Some of us run and gun, but sometimes, even we’re outnumbered. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gives us the freedom to choose however we want to finish a mission. Sometimes, we want to be cheap.

If you’ve been having some difficulty fultoning a soldier you want to join the Mother Base ranks, and none of our guides on how to be a better player are helping you any, you can resort to wearing the Chicken Hat. That’s right, die enough times and even the game will suggest maybe putting it on for a minute.

Simply slip it on, run into wherever you need to go to extract a “highly-skilled soldier” and CQC them in the face before attaching a fulton device to them. This can be done for those tricky Side Ops or even just a random soldier you think would be a good fit in your squad. Keep in mind, though, that the Chicken Hat only lasts on Snake’s head so long as he’s not spotted more than three times. So, even though you’re protected, you still will want to avoid the enemy as best you can.

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