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Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Music Tapes Locations – Where to Find Them All


Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Music Tapes Locations – Where to Find Them All

I’m still in a dream, Snake Eater~

Being a Hideo Kojima game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is filled with pop culture references, including a full ’80s music soundtrack. The entirety of which can be listened to from Snake’s iDroid once each cassette tape is collected. They’re scattered about the map, so knowing where you should be looking can come in handy, right? Just follow our trusty guide and keep an ear out for the music.


The Man Who Sold the World

Complete the Prologue.

Maneater – Hall & Oates

Look for this tape within Lamar Khaate Palace in the Southwest.

True – Spandau Ballet

Head to the Southern village of Da Shago Kallai. It’s next to a gate with a watchtower, in a room.

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

Look for this song in Afghanistan Central Base Camp.

Take On Me – A-Ha

In the Western wing of the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost.

Only Time Will Tell – Asia

Found within the Eastern Communications Post.

The Final Countdown – Europe

Check an eastern building within Qarya Sakhra Ee.

Kids in America – Kim Wilde

Look within the southwest, main building of Da Shago Kallai.

She Blinded Me with Science – Thomas Dolby

Check the Northeast Guard Post, past Wialo Village.

Ride a White Horse – Laid Back

Follow the path north of Lamar Khaate Palace to reach a checkpoint with this tape.

Rebel Yell – Billy Idol

Found West of the bridge on Mountain Relay Base.

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