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Metal Gear Solid V TPP: How to Find the Transportation Specialist


Metal Gear Solid V TPP: How to Find the Transportation Specialist

Want to steal tanks? Here’s How.

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Let’s face it; you want to be able to extract tanks and bring them back to Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You’ve got your R&D and Support Units up to the necessary levels, but you’re still missing one crucial factor for the development of the final Fulton upgrade: the transportation specialist. Well, the earliest you can get him is in main mission 10: Angels With Broken Wings. In this mission, Big Boss is tasked with extracting a Mujahideen prisoner named Malak. However, your pay will increase if you choose to save the other prisoners. One of those extra prisoners is the transportation specialist you’re looking for.

As you approach the first outpost, scan the area with your binoculars to mark out your enemies. I also recommend bringing along D-Dog with you on this operation so he can sniff out enemies and prisoners as you get closer. There are a total of three prisoners at this outpost, excluding Malak, and you can use your binoculars to determine which is the prisoner with the skill you want, provided that you’ve upgraded your binoculars, of course.

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