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Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Extract Eli in Mission 23


Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Extract Eli in Mission 23

Lord of the Flies up in this camp.

You’ve already encountered the child soldiers in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain twice before, but this is the first mission in which you’ll have to actively confront them and extract their commander, the White Mamba. Or Eli, as we’ve seen in all of the past trailers. For this mission, be sure to equip only non-lethal weapons, as killing any of the child soldiers will result in mission failure. I recommend bringing along the stun assault rifle and, of course, the trusty tranquilizer pistol.

You should have Quiet unlocked as a buddy by this point, so bring her along as well to have her scout the outpost and mark out all the child soldiers. As you approach the outpost, there will be a lone child soldier at the edge of the camp. Past him, there will be groups of child soldiers patrolling the area in pairs. Do note that if you try to use CQC on them, you’ll only be able to punch and throw them. You can’t grab them in a chokehold to interrogate them, so your best bet is to perform a holdup and extract information that way.

Should you choose to do so, the house right in the middle of the camp houses a prisoner that you can extract. There are also tons of resources and rough diamonds scattered around. Sneak along the edge of the camp to get to the empty field just beyond. In the middle of it, you’ll see a large structure that looks like a shipwreck; that’s where you want to go.

There aren’t any child soldiers in the field, so you shouldn’t have much trouble making your way across. Do have Big Boss crawl on the ground, though, as there will be occasional child soldier patrols in the area and they might spot you if you aren’t lying prone. As you approach the shipwreck, loot the first level for some resources, and then make your way to the third level. A cutscene will play, introducing Eli. He’s also seen carrying a conch on his belt – almost like a reference to Lord of the Flies, where only the kid holding the conch would be allowed to speak.

After the brief scene, Eli will try to attack you with a plank of wood. Your task here is to incapacitate him. Whip out your stun assault rifle and just pump him full of stun bullets. Eli is rather resistant to the stun bullets, and he’ll run around the ship after taking enough damage. Do be careful when you’re going around corners, as he might try to ambush you with his plank as you turn. Another thing to take note of is that if you happen to knock him completely off the shipwreck, there’s a chance of him falling to his death, which will result in a mission failure, as well.

Once he’s stunned, call in your chopper to pick you up from the field. At this point, the other child soldiers will probably be on alert, so be sure to stay low. If you had Quiet equip the tranquilizer rifle, getting her to provide cover fire should take some of the heat off you. Once the chopper arrives, simply get on and your mission will be complete.

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