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Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Extract Code Talker in Missions 28 and 29


Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Extract Code Talker in Missions 28 and 29

He speaks in… code?

Code Talker is yet another key character you’ll encounter in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and surprise surprise, Big Boss will be tasked to extract him in missions 28 and 29. For mission 28, I highly recommend you bring a sniper rifle along with you – tranquilizer or lethal, it doesn’t really matter, but make sure you’re carrying the same type of rounds as Quiet if you’re taking her along as a buddy. So if you’re using lethal sniper rounds, make sure she uses a lethal rifle too.

As you make your way towards the mansion deep within the forest, Big Boss will find himself surrounded by strange mist. Yup, you guessed it. The SKULLS Parasite Unit will make an appearance here, but this time, you’ll be facing four sniper SKULLS. After the cutscene, have Big Boss lay prone immediately. You’ll want to use your binoculars to mark them on your screen so you can keep track of their movements.

Crawl down the pathway to your left, and try to keep behind cover as you move along. As you make your way down the pathway, be sure to keep a lookout for the SKULL taking position on the tall cliff to the left side. There’s very little cover on that side, making it easy for her to spot you. If she does spot you, however, immediately issue the command for Quiet to cover you. Depending on the type of rifle you’re using, it should only take you three headshots to neutralize one of them.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to engage the SKULLS in a sniper duel, you can also call in the D-Walker and use the chain gun against them. Wearing a shield on your back while riding on the D-Walker will also provide you with some degree of invincibility against the SKULLS. Do note that it isn’t necessary to eliminate all of the SKULLS in order to proceed. While it’ll probably bring your ranking down a little, it is also entirely possible for you to run past the SKULLS with the D-Walker too.

If you do get detected by the SKULLS before moving past the mist area, you’ll reach the mansion with the enemy soldiers on high alert. Infiltrate the mansion by crawling around the right side of the area. There will be two enemy soldiers patrolling the area together. Interrogate any one of them to get Code Talker’s location on your map. He’s being held in the basement of the mansion, so simply enter the building and make your way down the numerous flights of stairs.

After the cutscene with Code Talker, hoist him over your shoulders and make your way to the extraction zone. Getting out of the mansion should be significantly easier as the soldiers will all be zombiefied, so all you really have to watch out for are their little melee punches. Getting Code Talker to the extraction zone will mark the end of mission 28.

Before mission 29 starts, be sure to equip a good shotgun and a machine gun. Feel free to bring in D-Walker too, if you prefer using it to having Quiet cover you with her rifle. When your chopper crashes, you’ll have to eliminate four SKULLS while making sure Code Talker stays safe. Thankfully, the SKULLS don’t seem to care for Code Talker all that much, so just make sure to keep them away from the crashed chopper to ensure that he stays safe.

The SKULLS will shoot at you from a distance for a short while before lunging at you with swords. When they lunge at you, be sure to hit the button prompt that appears to have Big Boss perform a CQC counter. This will take away a small amount of their armor, and it also leaves them incapacitated for a moment, allowing you a short window to pump them full of bullets.

Occasionally, the SKULLS will leap away and conjure large rocks to throw at Big Boss. When you see them preparing the rocks, take cover behind the tank. Getting hit by one of the rocks puts your health in the red, so you’ll want to stay away from those at all costs. Be sure to call in supply drops if you run out of ammo, and take cover behind the tank whenever you need to reload.

Once you’ve defeated all four SKULLS, Kaz will call in a chopper. Carry Code Talker over to the chopper and the mission will end.

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