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Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Beat ‘Where Do The Bees Sleep’ Mission


Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Beat ‘Where Do The Bees Sleep’ Mission

The bees?! Not the bees!!!

The first tough mission you’ll unlock in Metal Gear Solid V after saving Kaz is the main op ‘Where Do The Bees Sleep’. Your objective is simple: infiltrate a fort in Afghanistan and recover a secret weapon before the Soviets can get their hands on it. To make things a little easier for you, Big Boss can also locate a Hamid prisoner who knows the exact location of the weapon.

There’s only one chopper drop point available for this mission, so select your landing zone and you’re good to go. I recommend going with the basic loadout of a handy tranquilizer gun and an assault rifle, just in case things get dicey. Once you’re on the ground, you’ll find that you have a long trek ahead of you, but I suggest leaving your trusty Diamond Horse behind. There are quite a couple of enemy outposts between you and the fort, and it’ll make things easier for you if you sneak from base to base on foot.

You’ll come across a Soviet relay base, and Ocelot will hint that you might be able to learn more about the Honeybee’s location here. Before getting too close to the relay base, be sure to scope out the area with your binoculars and mark all the soldiers you see. There are two snipers in this area, and extracting them will allow you to fulfill one of your optional objectives. One of the snipers is in the watchtower, while the other one is hiding in the metal structure right below the connecting bridge.

Simply follow the winding road through the relay base, and you’ll eventually spot another enemy outpost right before reaching the fort. You’ll want to be careful here, there’s a Soviet gunship patrolling the skies. One of your optional objectives is to eliminate the gunship, but seeing as how you’re probably still early in the game and have no means of developing a strong enough rocket launcher, you might want to just sneak past it for now. Get Big Boss to lay prone on the ground and crawl under the cover of the shadows to get past the outpost.

After you move past a ravine, you’ll be at the fort. Again, be sure to scope out the area with your binoculars to mark enemy soldiers. At the far end of the fort, near the entranceway into the ruins, you’ll spot the Hamid prisoner surrounded by three enemy sentries. I recommend waiting for the soldiers to get the prisoner to move deeper into the ruins before you follow along behind them.

Inside the ruins, there’ll be one guard standing in the main hallway – nothing you can’t handle with a little CQC. As you go up to the second level, there will be two guards talking in the next room. As soon as their conversation ends, one of the guards will walk into the area where you are, giving you a golden opportunity to knock him out. Before entering the room to take out the second guard, be sure to collect the diamonds right outside the doorway as well.

Follow the three sentries and the Hamid prisoner deeper into the connecting caves until they eventually end up in a small room at the very end of the area. One of the soldiers will leave the room shortly. Make use of this opportunity to tranquilize the two remaining soldiers before dealing with the last one. Once you’ve taken care of all three sentries, head back to the room where the Hamid prisoner is, and poke around the corner to find the Honeybee.

Grab the Honeybee, hoist the prisoner over your shoulder and exit the room. Place the prisoner under one of the open ceilings in the caves and use the Fulton Recovery System to get him out. As you exit, there should be a large tunnel on the left-hand side. This will take you straight to the entrance of the fort. Before you can exit, however, a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene, you’ll be surrounded by the terrifying Skull unit once again. You have two options; either use the Honeybee to fend them off, or get into the jeep and drive to your extraction point. Do note that using the Honeybee will cause you to fail one of your optional objectives, and simply driving away without fighting the Skulls will mean the failure of another optional objective. Unless you have a decent homing weapon at this point, it’d be pretty hard to tick off all the objectives during your first run.

Regardless of what you choose, getting far enough from the fort will eventually allow the mist to clear. You’ll then be able to call in your chopper and leave the mission area. Completing this mission will allow you to assign soldiers to your intel team, and this will also unlock some new main ops for you to tackle next.

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