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Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Beat Quiet and Recruit Her


Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – How to Beat Quiet and Recruit Her

A sniper deprived of her words.

Quiet is the bikini clad female sniper you’ve seen so much of in Metal Gear Solid V’s promotional campaigns, and yes, you can indeed recruit her and take her on missions as a buddy. Recruiting Quiet is optional and can be easy to miss, so here are the steps to getting her to join Diamond Dogs.

While on missions, you’ll occasionally receive codec calls from Kaz and Ocelot, informing you of a strange sniper who’s picked off countless Soviet soldiers on the field. Some soldiers will also mention that she’s usually seen near the power plant in Afghanistan. All you have to do is travel to the power plant, indicated on your map, or just select a side op that requires you to go there. Once you’re in the area, Big Boss will get shot at by a sniper, and a cutscene will trigger, introducing Quiet.

Before you can recruit her, you’ll have to defeat her in battle. At the start of the sniper duel, Quiet will be at the far end of the map, atop some ruins. Before doing anything else, be sure to whip out your binoculars and mark her so you can see her position, health bar, and stamina bar. After that, cautiously make your way towards her. You’ll want to sprint from cover to cover, and dive each time you see her laser sight on your body. Once you’re close enough, you can take shots at her with a non-lethal weapon.

Ideally, you’ll want to bring a tranquilizer sniper rifle along with you for this fight. It’ll make things much easier for you, and you’ll face a smaller risk of getting hit while trying to get closer to her. However, if you’re still early on in the game, chances are your R&D unit isn’t leveled enough to develop a non-lethal sniper rifle for you just yet. But don’t worry; you can use your tranquilizer pistol against her too. You’ll just have to make the extra effort of crossing the map to get to her.

Each time you shoot her, or if you get too close for her comfort, Quiet will leap from her sniping position and vanish into thin air. This will also cause you to lose the mark you had on her. Be sure to look out for the disturbances in the sand to try to track the general location she runs off to, and then take out your binoculars to locate her again. When using your binoculars, take note of the sounds that the microphone picks up to pinpoint her location too. While hiding, Quiet will hum her theme, so listening out for the music is a good way of locating her too.

Do note that it’s near impossible to attack her with CQC. Trust me, I’ve tried. Even if you do manage to sneak up on her, she’ll detect your presence once you’re 10 meters away and she’ll leap off once again. Make sure you hit her with a tranquilizer round once you spot her.

If you can’t find her or if you can’t hear the humming, try looking in the waterfall area. Quiet will sometimes head over to the waterfall to recuperate. While she’s doing this, she’ll be vulnerable and you’ll be able to land another easy hit.

Once you’ve depleted her stamina bar, Kaz will ask you to kill her. If you want to recruit Quiet into Diamond Dogs, just, y’know, don’t shoot her. Big Boss will take her back to Mother Base. And there you have it. Quiet will join your ranks and you’ll soon be able to take her on missions.

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