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MGS V Phantom Pain: Advanced Tips & Tricks Guide


MGS V Phantom Pain: Advanced Tips & Tricks Guide

You’ve begun, now it’s time to advance.



So you’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and have been utilizing our Beginner’s Guide to get you through the harsh brutality of the open world. In that guide, we told you about abusing the Fulton Recovery System to capture as many soldiers and animals as you possibly can. But you can do even more than that with Metal Gear Solid V: TPP‘s most useful tool.

After Mission 10, players will be able to upgrade the Fulton Recovery System to pick up much heavier items, like vehicles. Vehicles are awesome because you can drive them, use them for stealth, weaponize them, and just have a collection that makes you seem like a snob. But, lifting heavy items provides one other tactical benefit: you can ride them.

In the middle of somewhere you probably shouldn’t be? See an armored vehicle? Fulton it out of there, but make sure to hop aboard before it goes. You just got yourself a quick getaway and your enemies will stand in awe and adoration is you float away somewhere beyond the mountain tops.

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