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Fall in Love in Metal Gear Solid V by Replacing Quiet with Ocelot


Fall in Love in Metal Gear Solid V by Replacing Quiet with Ocelot

Snake has no reason to worry about his future when he has his “Revolver” by his side.

There are two things you should know by now about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. One, there are a ton of collectibles, Easter eggs, and just general awesome things lurking around. And two, the character of Quiet has been a lightning rod of controversy for Metal Gear Solid V over the past two years.

Quiet has quite a presence in The Phantom Pain. First, the bizarre reason for her near-naked appearance; second, the rewards for bonding with Quiet in the helicopter; then there’s this aside of Quiet playing in the water with Venom Snake.

Thankfully, Youtube user Tactical Modding Operations saw this as an opportunity. Let’s switch Quiet with the silver-haired Revolver Ocelot. Yes, this is the moment you’ve been awaiting for, fans of Cowboy Gordon Gecko. A simple character model swap changes everything. That rain sequence now becomes a sentimental moment between Snake and Ocelot. Look for yourself and be careful not to grab the tissues. If a fully clothed Ocelot showering is more your bag, Tactical Modding Operations also has you covered. You should make sure to set the quality to 1080p 60fps in order to receive the full Revolver.

This does raise one thing about Metal Gear Solid V though. How would you think Kojima would respond to this? Based on his words here, Kojima’s adamant on his creative decisions. Let us know in the comments!

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