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Metal Gear Solid V: How to Fast Travel Around Mother Base


Metal Gear Solid V: How to Fast Travel Around Mother Base


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a huge game. The world is huge, the missions are huge, some of the guns are huge, and even your personal space, Mother Base, is absolutely huge. And, believe it or not, Mother Base gets even bigger as you progress through the game. So much so that traversing this Diamond Dog outpost requires a vehicle and several minutes. Driving is easy, but can become tedious since it’s so slow. Luckily, the developers decided to put in a rather ingenious way of getting about.

On each platform is a package drop-off point. It will be marked on your iDroid map as a cargo box, and when you go in person, you will see a platform with a sign stating “Cargo Loading Zone.” Stand here then proceed to equip your box item. Once that’s done, hold “Triangle” (“Y” on the Xbox controller) and the screen will go dark as the sound of a delivery truck blares through your speakers.

The map will pop up prompting you to pick another of the same zone on any one of your platforms. After a few seconds Big Boss will be delivered express to the platform of his choosing. It’s an odd system that works well and fits in perfectly with the insanity that is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. No more hiking across bridges for this soldier.

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