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Missions, Classes, Stages & More Revealed for Metal Gear Online


Missions, Classes, Stages & More Revealed for Metal Gear Online

Read at your own risk, it will make time move slower.

A heap of new information about Metal Gear Online, the new multiplayer component for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, has been released by Konami.

Its October 6 release was made even harder to wait for, with the developer unveiling new screenshots and gameplay, featuring missions, stages and classes sure to make any fan quiver with excitement. On the official website, visitors are greeted with detailed descriptions and pictures about the new mission, stages, and classes.

The site tells us, that the player will be able to partake in a range of battle missions, varying from Bounty Hunter, Cloak and Dagger, and Comm Control.

The Cloak and Dagger mission in Jade Forest.

The Bounty Hunter multiplayer mode will have both teams trying to kill or Fulton enemy players in order for their ‘tickets’ to reach zero. In Cloak and Dagger, each team is assigned a role. One team is to recover a Data Disc and upload it at an Evac Point within a certain time limit, while the other is to prevent that from happening by defending both disc and Evac Point. The last battle mission pits teams against each other in close quarters combat, where the attacking team must stay within effective range in order to download confidential data. All while being fired at from the enemy team.

To go along with that, Konami has released a collection of screenshots of custom stages where the skirmishes will take place. Jade Forest, an African outback, cluttered with natural jungle and an uninhabited village; Red Fortress, a Soviet Military base placed atop a hill overlooking the desert of Afghanistan; Gray Rampart, a more basic stage, compiled of a dam and a bridge, connecting two battle regions on each side of the river; Amber Station, a still smoking gas refinery with multi-layered buildings perfect for close quarter combat; and finally, Black Site, the military base where the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes took place nine years ago.

The Red Fortress overlooking the dry desert in Afghanistan.

These stages, as well as missions, can in fact be explored and played as characters from the game, so-called ‘unique’ characters, with enhanced stats and abilities, compared to normal classes. But since everyone can’t be Big Boss or Ocelot, Konami also lifted the lid on details concerning the number of classes made available to players, and how they encompass other things than different weapons and gear, namely movement speed and strength.

With the Scout class focusing on long-range combat and general support of the other classes, this class is recommended for beginners, since movement speed and strength are average. The Enforcer class gives players both heavy weaponry and gear, making this a perfect choice for open skirmishes. However, with a decreased movement speed, players will have to rely on gear, tactical capabilities and/or support from teammates should they find themselves in need of an escape. The final class is the Infiltrator, with low strength, it’s a swift moving and deadly character, that rewards players for strategic ingenuity, and punishes them if they stray from it.

An Enforcer successfully killing an enemy player.

Lastly, players will have the opportunity to join up with a ‘buddy’, with the option of equipping the E-RB WORMHOLE GEN, a device that makes it possible to instantaneously travel to the location of that one ‘buddy’. Also, while in combat, players will be able to interrogate other players by restraining them. If the interrogation is successful, intel on enemy locations is given to you, and a potential ‘buddy’. Also when editing loadouts, be sure to pay attention to weight, since mobility and movement speed are heavily affected by it.

Now, there is no need to check your pulse to see if you’ve died and gone to heaven; this is real, and it’s coming to consoles early this October. That’s like, only a few ten thousand minutes away. Actually, it’s 27,000 minutes away, but who’s counting? Well, to make at least 10 of them disappear, have a look at the official game play demo for Metal Gear Online, and the rest of the trailers while you’re at it.

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