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Madden 16 Guide: How to Get Coins Easy in MUT


Madden 16 Guide: How to Get Coins Easy in MUT

Rolling in coins.

Step 1: Grind a Nest Egg By Doing The Easy Stuff

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Looking for the Madden 17 edition of this guide?

Check it out here, it’s similar but there are a couple of new things in Madden 17 such as Chemistry you need to be aware of.


The first step to conquering Madden NFL 16’s Ultimate Team Mode (MUT) without spending a dime of real life cash is to first establish a bank account of coins that you will need to invest later. You’re trying to get to somewhere in the vicinity of 20,000 coins. Playing games are the most obvious way to grind it out, but there are other methods that you should tap into first.

First things first are your weekly challenges. When you log into MUT, there are challenges waiting for you that you can complete weekly for easy coins and the occasional packs/badges. These can be as simple as just rushing for 100 yards total or kicking two field goals in a game and can reward you with over 1,000 coins. These usually can be completed in any MUT mode.

Also, Madden 16 features a number of different challenges that relive exciting moments from last year’s season or running through a gauntlet of opponents, among others. While they slowly ramp up in difficulty and eventually carry an OVR team rating requirement, there are a bunch that can be done right away. Starting out they only reward a couple of hundred each, but as you progress, the rewards increase and can sometimes be completed in a matter of seconds.

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