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Mad Max Strategy Guide: How to Choose the Best Griffa Skills


Mad Max Strategy Guide: How to Choose the Best Griffa Skills

Mad Max has mad skills.

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Best Griffa Skills in Mad Max

Mad Max gives players some options on how to tailor Max to their playstyle. One of the ways that the game does this is through Griffa, the wandering mystery man who knows a ton about your past and can channel your inner warrior in order to increase your stats and skills. Of course, choosing from the ten skills can be a bit troubling when you’re never told just how much the skills will help.

The first skill you’re going to want to drop some of your hard earned Griffa Coins on is Volition. Volition increases the chance of obtaining extra scrap while scavenging with every coin spent on this skill. The bonus doesn’t apply to scrap taken off of defeated melee enemies, but it does count towards scrap from demolished vehicles in Mad Max and scrap found in bases.

This may not improve your survivability directly, but scrap is used to purchase upgrades for Max and the Magnum Opus. The more you can pick up, the sooner you’ll be able to beef up your offense and defense. 

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